How to show Tag Name on an SVG symbol's text field




I’m editing using Viewon some .svg elements of the Viewon symbols gallery, and I want to create a text field to show the name of the Tag that is linked to each element instead of writting it one by one.

I’m trying to do it changing one symbol’s progamation code that has a text field asociated to a measure, but tbh I don’t know exactly what I’m doing.

I underestand that the current symbol’s text field shows a measure, asociated to a tag named “value” which I link in the “symbol tags editor” to the Tag I want to display.

I have defined other value in the “symbol tags editor” but I don’t know how to link this new tag to de Tagname instead of the measure of my value (picture 2).

The problem must be I’m using the option “Text on Measure” and I have to use “Text” and create a basic script in Viewon like i’m showing in the last picture 1 (1- the original text field that shows the tag’s measure. 2- the customized text field).

Thought this could be so much easy :confounded::

Thank you in advance!



There are multiple ways I could see approaching this but with limited experience creating SVG elements, for you, I recommend simply using a text string grouped with the input. You don’t want to override the default input as more than likely that will break the pre-built SVG element.

You can however simply group it with a text string to make them both unified.


I will try this way! Thank you.