How to verify what VPN my Cosy is connected to

Hello Ewon team.

Our Ewons in Korea have over 300 ms ping to anything LAN side. The IT team is telling me that we are now plugged directly into a model that is open to the ISP, no ports or webpages blocked or config available.

When I run Talk2M Connect checker, is “sees me in the region: Japan” but does that mean it is setting the Ewon to connect to the japan server? Based off of Edit Com Config, it doesn’t appear so. The Ewon has a VPNSrv1 of and VPNSrv2 of I try to force this to and respectively but it instantly resets to the fore mentioned settings… Since its AB PLC’s I also forced everything to tcp per other tech notes and it had no effect. I changed the VPNPortIn to a 1 per another tech note and that didn’t help. Any suggestions?

Additional side question to straighten this out in my head. Is it better for the VPN servers to be closer to the end EWON that its connected to or closer to the users PC that is trying to use the PLC? (that will change if I stop trying to force the VPN servers to Japan and China or just leave them as the auto conneted to VPN server 37).

Thank you ahead of time for the help,


For an issue like this outside of our (hms support USA) we recommend you open a support case via