How would I set this up in Studio5000? When I try 167sint and 5 sint, I get an invalid input size

Line5_xray_2022_10_18.cfg (16.0 KB)

You have you size set to use defined and 0 bytes in both directions.

Setting this to Automatic should allow you to add the device with 167 bytes in and 5 bytes out.

I set it to automatic and it faults out the Anybus communicator.

Is there something else I need to change?

Did you create this config yourself or was it provided by a 3rd party.

Looking over the configuration again another thing that stands out it that the Fieldbus has custom Mailboxes. We typically never see these used. They may be the source of your fault. Try right clicking on “fieldbus” and restore the mailboxes. This may also requre you to reconfigure the IP address and some other fieldbus settings.

It was provided by a third party.

If the mailbox reset doesn’t resolve the issue, I recommend following up with whoever provided it.

It is working now, thank you!

Great! glad to hear it is working.