HSP for TIA V16

When will there be a HSP for CANOpen PLC extension for TIA V16?

I have looked into it and have not been able to get an estimated date on this unfortunately, but the product manager is aware that we are looking for them. I will let you know when I have more information.

Any news on this?
Or is the only solution to downgrade my project to V15.1 at this moment?

Hi Erik,

Kyle’s out on vacation this week. Do you know if there’s a separate ticket opened on mysupport.hms.se that got escalated? If you have that info I can try and see if they got back to us.


Hi Tim,
Sorry have no information about a ticket, I just came across this thread because I am also interested in the answer.

Hi Erik,

I’ll create a new ticket with them and see if I can get an update on this for you.


We’re currently in contact with Siemens for the hsp file of the 1SI CANopen and CM CANopen, but do not have the version that works with TIA V16 yet. As of right now you’ll want to stay with version 15.1 of TIA.


Any update on this? I hoped by August this would be available.


I will check into the status today.

We have a version written and tested by our engineers, but not yet reviewed by Siemens. It should work fine for your project though.

HSP files CM CANopen 1SI CANopen TIA V16.zip (265.5 KB)

Thanks Kyle,

I’ll give it a shot and let you know if I find any issues

  • Craig