I Can't generate a EDS With HMS EDS GENERATOR

I Have a machine with a CompactCom 40, and if i can not create the EDS(1st image)

, I need to know the input/otuput instance to use as a generic ethenet device, cause when I try to use the standard EDS from the HMS page, with the values of the manufacturer of the machine, sends me a input length error, The manufacturer(Cosmo) gave me the ethernet I/O Map; I/O Map:

the eds i was trying to use was the “005A002B00370100.eds”, (I found this EDS in this link:https://www.anybus.com/technical-support/pages/files-and-documentation---compactcom?ordercode=AB6604)


The EDS generator is intended to be used by the developers and the provided EDS files are intended to be used with the examples we provide the developers.
The compactcom is customized by the developers and the EDS will not be compatable. You will want to reach out to the manufacturer of the device the M40 is embedded in.The developers can also customize the instance used but the default IO assemblies for the Compactcom are input 100 output 150.