I can't see anything of my ewon cosy+

I can’t connect on cosy page, after clicking on the Ewon blue button, i have a cosy home page but no one id and password permit me to log. What we need there?

The login page you’re looking at in your first screenshot is requesting the username and password for the device itself. By default these are adm/adm, but if this is a Cosy+ they will have been changed when the device was configured. You’ll need to reach out to whoever set up the device to ask for the local login details.

What are you trying to do by logging into this page? The Cosy is primarily a remote access device, so if you connect with eCatcher (or configure a LAN device to be available in M2Web, which will also be set up in eCatcher) you’ll be able to reach the machine network without knowing the credentials to log into the Cosy itself.

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ok thanks, i was in test steps and i didn’t know a lot about cosy+, so i was searching everywhere to understand it more.
Thanks for your quick help

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