I need to send data from Flexy every 0.5 seconds

I used to send data to server every 1 sec using Basic Script commands such as TSET and REQUESTHTTPX.

Now, I have to send data every 0.5 sec.
I know TSET has a minimum value of 1 sec.

Could you advice how to do good way?


You are correct that the TSET minimum is 1 second.
Unfortunately, every second is the fastest the eWON Flexy can send data using a post like REQUESTHTTPX.

Is it possible If I use the Flexy 205.
I heard that It could be use J2SE not J2ME on Flexy 205.

I know eWON provides Java Tool Kit on based J2ME.

What about J2SE?
Do you provide library for J2SE as well?

Could you tell me more explanation to use J2SE on the Flexy 205?

One more question,
Which java(J2SE) version can i use on the Flexy 205?


All the eWON flexy series support JAVA SE 1.4 if you are on firmware version 12.2 or above.

FW version 12.2 is available on our site, located here (pcode 21):

We have not fully released the docs yet on the JAVA SE 1.4 but the libraries from J2ME are also compatible on JAVA SE.


Sorry, one more question.

Can i use both Basic script and Java.jar on a Flexy at the same time?

Yes you can.
Both tools can be run concurrently.

Compatibility means J2SE can use emulator of J2ME inside your JTK?
J2SE can use only eWON package called com.ewon.ewonitf?

  1. Could you explain more detail for using J2SE?

  2. When do you release a document for using J2SE?


yes, you are able to run J2ME programs under the J2SE VM transparently (only the debugger is not working anymore). Details about J2SE will be provided in the document.

I’m not sure about the availability on the documentation and will have to reach out to development to get an estimate on its timeline but I do expect it will be available soon.

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