I/O Server Setup Address 2D arrays for ABLOGIX


My Googlefu is lacking today and I cannot find reference to how to address a 2D array.
I have the following ABLOGIX tag ResultsStore[1,0].VOL
How do I address that in the eWON?
All the combination I try are not accepted.

Hi @barryt,

Can you take a look at the post below and see if that helps with this?



Hi Tim,

Thanks for the response.
I have gone through this document. It doesn’t mention 2D arrays.
I have lots of normal array tags working but I cannot find any format that the ewon will accept for deeper arrays.
Is it even possible?
ResultsStore[1].VOL-- This works fine.
ResultsStore[1,0].VOL-- I don’t know the format to enter this in the eWON.

Hi Barry,

Sorry about that, I just spoke with the dev team about this and it appears that we should be able to read these, but there’s a bug preventing Flexys from reading that data currently. They’re working on a solution for it, but right now they don’t have a timeline for when we’ll be able to read 2D arrays currently.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

I’ll mark this ticket closed for now but I’ll reply here again when the Dev team resolves this