I have the SRK95ZRA-W Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split system. I have the Intesis Ac smart control unit, order code is INWFIMHI001020. I have gone through all steps to set up the unit, the device has been picked up by the app and is shown in the list of devices but when I try to actually activate the controls throigj the app i get an error message of “IH1 - Error in the communication IACCC”. What does this mean? Is the smart device i have compatible with this Split system? I cant work out what to do next.

Hi @jwatson26
I would recommend that you open a case by going to https://support.hms-networks.com . I apologize for the delay and answering here. We usually let the local agents answer the cases, but since no one from your service area had responded, I wanted to give you another option.