Ignition 8 Ewon Connector Not Working

We are currently upgrading our Ignition gateway to 8.1 from 7.9.13. We have updated the Ewon connector module and every bit of information (username, password, developer ID, etc…) is the same, however the log keeps telling me that there is authentication error and that my username/password/developer id is incorrect…even though it is exactly the same from the previous version of the gateway. Everything is working on the active (7.9.13) gateway, however the test (8.1 with 8.1 ewon module) gateway is the one that’s failing.

Did you generate a new Talk2m Token?

Got it figured out. When I saw “token” I didn’t associated it with an API token, I thought it was a token you used to connect an ewon. Either way, it’s connected! Thanks!