Ignition connector Tags not updating

I’m testing the Ignition Connector with a Flexy 205 and in the Ignition Designer I can see the tags created in the Flexy but with some issues:

  • the tags in the Tag Provider are displayed with the Bad_Stale error
  • when I try to write on one of them I get the a Bad_Failure error
  • the tags update rate is very low, probably more then 2 minutes, one of them is not updating at all
    I saw that the historical logging requires Data MailBox but I’m just trying to read and write on the tags, do I still need it? I’m using the last connector version (1.1.12), the Flexy has the the firmware 14.2.
    Thanks for your help

Hello @pegu,

The default setup is to use the datamailbox but you can set it up for realtime data. This will poll the data from the ewon directly via the m2web API. To use this option make sure you check Read all values in realtime in the advanced section.

The errors you mentioned point towards the connection to the ewon being the issue. I would double check and make sure the ewon device info is setup correctly in the connector.


Hi @deryck_hms , I checked under the Ewon Connector on the Ignition Gateway and you were right, “Read all values in realtime” wasn’t selected. So i checked it and restarted the gateway but the problems still persist. I tried to uninstall the connector and install it again but it didin’t improve the situation.

Did you verify the ewon hardware user name and password?


I’ve imported the project Ewon Ignition Demo found here https://github.com/hms-networks/FlexyIgnitionDemo and in the projerct designer i see all the tags imported have the error Bad_Stale and if I try to launch the project I can’t see any tag and the error ‘Error Writing to Tag … “Tag provider ‘Ewon’ not found”)’ constantly pops up.

Hi Pegu,

Reviewing how the connector works, you were correct in your first post, the the datamailbox and historic logging still needs to be setup. The mailbox is used by the connector to gathers the tag info.

Regarding the demo I checked with Alex and he suspects the demo application might not be setup completely on the eWON itself and ignition doesn’t have any data from the Flexy yet.


Hi, I set up the datamailbox and but I still had problems seeing the tags on Ignition. I talked to my Ewon seller and they told that the Connector doesn’t work with multiple ewon, so I decided to use the mqtt functions in the basic script. Thanks for your help

Hello @pegu,

Glad to hear you found a solution with mqtt. Let us know if you have any questions in that regard.

The ignition connector supports multiple ewons. When using historical data it only need to make a connection to the data mailbox and will pull all ewons, tags and log data. You are limited to one ewon username and password, requiring all the ewons to use the same username and password for realtime data and writing. This is due to using m2web which makes a direct connection to the ewon and the connector only allowing for one username and password.