Immpossible configuration on 3g Line

I can’t update my view or reach the “Gestione(management)” page because every time I try to click on it it gives me this error
[I use the EC360 device. firmware version 2.3.5 configured with SIM card TIM]

when i try give me this error:

We have detected an IP address change.

As a security precaution, you have been logged out.

Please log in again.

See more detailed information

We have detected that your outgoing (WAN) IP address has changed. Most likely, you have switched from one network to another. For instance, this may happen if you switch between home and work networks, or if you are using a mobile device. Some networks use multiple outgoing IP addresses; if you suspect that this is the case, please contact your network administrator to see if you can be locked to a single outgoing IP address.

Although unlikely, it is possible that this IP change indicates that an unauthorized user is attempting to hijack your login session. Given this possibility, you have been automatically logged out to block any potential unauthorized activity on your account.

To continue, simply log in again as usual.

We track the IP addresses and log you out when a change is detected as a security feature. If you are being unexpectedly logged out you will want to find out what is changing your IP address mid session and disable it. I would expect this to be something managed by your IT department. I have seen this issue occur when a load balancer was used and did not maintain the same address per session. I have also seen some issues when using a mobile connection on the PC side, such as a hotspot.

How is your PC getting its network connection? Could you be connected to two networks that connect you to the internet such as wifi and a wired ethernet connection?


I only use the LAN on the PC which sign to,
I’m IT from my factory,
is there no way to disable this protection?

I only use the LAN,
I’m IT from my factory,
is there no way to disable this protection?

Right now we do not have an option to disable this protection. Are you going from the factory directly to the ISP? You might need to contact them to verify they are not doing something that could be causing issues.


not understand
can it be because using an account on multiple PCs? even if I connect one pc at a time at different times. you can create multiple users who see only presentation?

now i have new error, im blocked here

What is the system ID of you device, so I can take a look at the logs.

Do you see this issue if you connect from a different device and or network? For example a cell phone or a home PC?