Importing eds file error

I am working on a project where our customer wants an existing Communicator bridge mapped into an existing Logix 5000 PLC. I tried adding the EDS file for the Communicator into the ControlLogix 5000 software Version 20 and it appears to be Okay. See Below…

But then when I click the finish button I get a Fatal Error that locks everything up.
Please see below…

Have you seen this before???

Hi @lday,

I have not see this error when importing our eds files before could you upload the one you are using for me to try? What Communicator were you using I can check if we have another that you can try.

You could also add the device as a generic device with instances input 100 and output 150.


I am using the latest version EDS. I just downloaded it last week?
attached is the EDS.
005A000C00540300.EDS (15.4 KB)

Hello @lday

I don’t see anything wrong with the EDS file and was able to import it into my studio 5000 without issue. This could be an issue with studio 5000, have you reached out to Rockwell?