Impossible to connect USB, GW status blink red


I got problem with AB7629-F Profibus Master - Modbus TCP.
I can’t connect trough the USB port.
I try with Putty, or with Anybus Configuration Manager. Try with Anybus NetTool for profibus too.

Connection timeout.
There is 1 DB permanent Green LED and 1 GW status blinking RED.

When i try to electrical reboot the gateway, both GW status are orange and DB green for 1 minute or little more , and after it’s the DB GREEN and the blinking GW status RED.

The problème has appair when i change the configuration of the x-gateway by adding card to a IM-153-1 ET200M profibus adaptator.

I try the same configuration on a new gateway and it’s works fine.

Somebody can help me please?

Cédric B.
Automation project lead

Hello Cedric,

Can you post a screenshot when you try to connect with Anybus Configuration Manager(ACM)?

  • When you are using a ACM, did you see your gateway on the correct COM PORT [ACM -->Online → Select Connection → Anybus Serial Conenction–> Config → Module Serial /COM-Port]

  • The configuration of the Profibus side with nettool is done by the NULL MODEM Configuration cable (not included to the package) next to the Profibus port. It is basically cross RS232 cable ( RX–>TX, TX–>RS, GND–>GND)

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Is there anything that I can help you?

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