In the Internet wizard it is not possible to sellect any type of connection

In the Internet connection>Interface field it does not appear any selection so i can not continue the configuration.


What is the internet method you are trying to configure? Is the unit a Cosy 131, or Flexy 20x?


I have a Cosy 131 and I am trying to configure the modem connection. When I start the wizard, the selection is either empty or only allow me to select WAN if the port is allowed for WAN.

Can you give me the serial number of the Cosy 131, and a back up with support files?

The serial number is 1949-0546-22.

How Do I send you the backup files?



Hi Kevin,

You have been able to analyze the information shared by Mauricio?

We await your response.

Thank you.

Is this a Flexy or a Cosy?

If it is a Flexy, is the Card in the correct slot? I do see COM not detected, and Switch monitoring errors.

Switch Monitoring errors are caused by ESI occurring in the device. The ESI could be causing issues with the Board establishing communication with the Ewon unit.

I would ensure that you use shielded cables for the ethernet connections, and verify that the card is in the correct slot of the Flexy.


As mentioned last week,

It’s a Cosy 131 (SN: 1949-0546-22)

The backup files were also attached.

We need to know if it’s an RMA.

Thank you.

My apologies,

As stated before. Try switching out the ethernet cables with shielded cables. If you are still experiencing the issue after the replacement, we can then RMA the device.


Sorry, but I don’t understand.

The client wants to make a WAN (3G) connection and the internet wizard does not display this option.

You recommend a shielded cable connection from PC to Ewon for your configuration, because at the moment we don’t have anything connected on ethernet.

My apologies on the confusion.

I would go to our Support Portal and begin the RMA process for replacement of this unit.