Initial Setup for AB9006-B

We are attempting to configure an IP address for a new AB9006-B unit.
it was shipped naked from our OEM. The IP configuration tool does not recognize the unit and the GW LED is flashing red, any ideas on what we might be able to use to load the IP.
We are novices with these devices, once we get the IP set, is there a configuration file we should request from the OEM to load to the device to make it usable?

We have an original unit, but it has failed, we have been unsuccessful in grabbing any data from it. thanks for any suggestions in advance.


Are you directly connected to the Anybus unit? Or are you going through a switch?

It is preferred practice to connect directly to the AB9006 with the HMS IP Config software. There you can select the type of connection, I would try all options.


We have AB9006-B Serial A0410B32 and A05B9B7A. One had configuration set up one is brand new.
Can not connect over anybus config manager (timeout error) nor Hyper terminal. With HT the connection is established but I see no configuration options - no text. Restarting the power while connected via HT does not help. I also tried multiple times connecting over configuration manager with power resetting combination with no luck.
One unit has IP address set up. I can ping it but no web server access not IP config tool recognizes it.
Unit without configuration has GW LED red/green blinking.


This device is configured via a web interface that you will access from the Modbus TCP ports (on the bottom). Anybus Config Manager and HyperTerminal are not used.


we are very close , we cannot get the actual IP address to change when we use the X_Gateway Management and hit apply. The IP address remains set at
we have been able to modify the Mask but not the IP
Everything looks ok, except for this

Any Ideas ?

Are you getting an error after you click Apply?

The only reason I can think of this happening is if there are invalid settings. Make sure that you are filling out all of the fields highlighted below:


we figured out the issue
apparently, you need to have the Ethernet cable plugged to a source. It sounds strange but as soon as we plugged a cable into the Ethernet IP ports the IP addresses was able to be set. If you want, I can take a video and let you post it of the process that we went through. Our module is now talking on both Modbus port and Ethernet IP port,

Thanks for the assistance !!!

That’s really strange! I have one here that is not connected to anything on the Ethernet/IP side and I just set the IP address on the Modbus TCP side. I’ve never seen that happen before. I’m kind of at a loss to explain it.

Another thing to keep in mind. This device has two separate interfaces for Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP, so it will have 2 different IP address. You can put them on the same network, or different networks. Just don’t use the same IP address for both sides and put them on the same network or you’ll have an IP conflict.

we figured that one out , i can take a video and send it to you if that might help
i am ok with mysteries , at least we have an address set now !

It’s up to you. If you want to provide a video, I’d be happy to pass it on to the product team to take a look at.