Initial setup


Hi, I would like to ask a question.

I had problems when configuring a slave with the CM CANopen Configuration.

Jump an error in the plc (3.) and the nodes are not operational.


  1. TPDO2 and TPDO4 do not load correctly on the slave (Infranor Easy 60/60). Why? (img1.png)

  2. RPDO2 has the COB-ID 2FF configured by default. The other PDOS have the correct COD-ID. Why? (img2.png)

  3. In the aunt portal tells us 2 errors. Error channel 283 (COB-ID RPDO2) and 271. (img3.png)

  4. Can the configuration work without configuring the Error Control Configuration? (img4.png)

Sorry if you do not understand something, I have helped a translator to make the query.



Can you please make a ticket here instead?

This is so I can escalate to a colleague in our Ravensburg Germany office if need be.

It is hard to say why the PDOs are not set up properly as this does have to do with the software for your CANopen slave device as well as the EDS file for the slave device.

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