INMBSLGE001R000 Modbus Testing Help Request

Good Afternoon,

I am working on implementing a test gateway on an LG 1-1 VRF system.

I have the Gateway in series after the handheld device. I have all of the dip switches set to off except for the first (very left) MODBUS switch.

In my controller software, I have the attached MODBUS port setup but I cannot seem to read anything on the Modpus Point. I get the Modbus point status “connection timed out”.

Can you please assist me with this?

Thank you,
Tyler Bradburn, C.E.T.
Controls Specialist

Hello Tyler,

I believe we spoke yesterday on this issue. Unfortunately our calls were getting dropped mid conversation.

Is the Handheld device configured as a master? Also, what is the dipswitch configuration for SW3?

Good Morning Kevin,

After our calls were dropped, I uninstalled the handheld device. The dip switches for SW3 are now configured as in the attached photos. I have the first switch
on (very left) and I have the baud rate to be set to 9600 (very right switch on).

Best regards,

Tyler Bradburn, C.E.T.
Controls Specialist




Your current configuration for the switches show the following

Switch 1
Machine Type A
Min Ambient Temperature
(REVERT SWITCH TO HI) as stated in the installation guide

Switch 2
Slave Address 62
Baudrate: 48000 BPS

Switch 3
Temperature in Decidegrees
Terminating resistor at end of RJ485

I would verify the slave address of the AC, and the baudrate required.

I have attached the installation manual for your reference on the dipswitches below.