I’m trying to install VCI 4 on Win 10 to replace the previous Version and encounter the following error


An error occurred while trying toi replace the existing file:
DeleteFile failed, Code 5.
Access is denied.

Click Retry to try again, Ignore to skip this File (not recommended), or
Abort to cancel Installation.

I clicked Retry several times without success.

I then Uninstalled the IXXAT PROGRAM APPLICATION within WINDOWS SYSTM SETTINGS before Shutting Down and Restarting my Computer.

I then tried to INSTALL the VCI - V4 DRIVER and related APPLICATIONS, but still received the above referenced ERROR MESSAGE.

I hope somebody can provide guidance with respect to how I should proceed to resolve the foregoing issue.


This looks like a permissions issue. Did you try running the installation as admin?

Hi Kyle,

Thank you for the response to my inquiry.

I am the only USER registered to use my LAPTOP COMPUTER. I am therefore identified as the ADMIN. I have had no issues INSTALLING any other DRIVERS, APPLICATIONS or DEVICES on my LAPTOP COMPUTER. I am therefore assuming this is not the issue.

“Access denied” implies a permissions issue.

Just because you are the only user does not mean that your session is automatically run as admin. You may need to right click the installer and “Run as Administrator”.