Insufficient Rights error on View IO screen

When changing to a different page in the View IO screen of the Flexy, getting insufficient rights error. The only rights the user does not have is “Change configuration”. Can pull logged data and alarm history but cannot navigate ViewIO pages.


I created a user with all rights except change configuration as well and was able to replicate your issue.

I will report this to development as a bug.

According to my customer, it is firmware related. 8.0, 11.0 & 12.0 have the issue. Ver. 10 and 12.1 do not.

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Thank you @wesmoore!

This is very helpful.
I’ll test other FW versions and pass it along to our dev team.


This rights error bug has been officially fixed in FW version 12.1S0.

FIXED: User right ViewIO is not enough to display tag pages allowed