[Intesis/AC Interface INMBSMIT001I000] Stop using AC unit external temperature reference (Modbus)

I have a question/confirmation.

After a couple of values have been entered in the “AC unit external temperature’s reference” (register 22/23) the Instesis module enter in a “virtual temperature” mode for we can regulate the temperature with our own sensor and the reference temperature given via Modbus.

In the Intesis documentation on chapter 4.2.3 there is the following:

Notice that, the use of the “external temperature reference” (register 22/23) (e.g., writing a value different from -32768 / 0x8000 in it) has the following relevant consequences:
• The mechanism of “Virtual Temperature” is applied. The temperature setpoint’s value shown by the Remote Controller or other Control System from Mitsubishi connected to the indoor unit may show a different value from the value shown in register 4/5.
• The User is not be able to change the setpoint using any Remote Controller from Mitsubishi, as setpoint of the indoor unit becomes exclusively controlled by the “Virtual Temperature” mechanism.

My question or confirmation is the following.

Does writing the value -32768 in the register external temperature reference” (register 22/23) stop the instesis module usage of the “virtual temperature” formula and go back to the “reset” mode like as we never set this register?


We are sorry for the late answer, yes, in principal you can set the register 22 to -32768 and if only the return temperature REG 66 is also -32768. Only Temp sensor at RC and Ref Temp(Reg5) will be taken under concider.

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