Intesis Daikin BACnet/IP AC Gateway


I am currently troubleshooting an issue with one of my customers Intesis AC Interface, part number INBACDAI001R000. There is a Daikin RC on the P1/P2 bus, part number BRC1E73. The Intesis unit was just installed, and on startup, the L1 LED was on steady red, which per the manual means there is an AC communication error. I have been unable to find any documentation on your website that elaborates any further on this fault. I was hoping you could offer some information on the nature of this fault and possible causes. I have tried calling your technical support line a few times now, but I haven’t been able to reach anyone. I would like to schedule a phone call with a technical support representative to discuss this further.

We have a support case open for you. If you can answer the questions, we can proceed.

  1. What is the model of the indoor unit.
  2. Do you have the Intesis configured as Master or Slave? How is the remote configured?

Also, sometimes the remote will use too much power and the Intesis doesn’t have enough to function properly. In that case you can use a 5v power supply connected to the USB port on the Intesis.


Thanks for the response.

  1. I am currently waiting on the model number of the AC unit from my customer.
  2. The intesis is configured as a slave. For the remote, how is it configured? I have not been able to find good documentation on how to set the RC as master or slave. Per the intesis box user manual, the RC is supposed to have a switch on the back side of the PCB to switch between master and slave, but this RC model doesn’t have this switch.

The model of the fancoil for the AC unit is FXAQ24PVJU.

Is this the indoor unit you are referring to?

Yes, that’s the one. It is compatible with the device you have, so that’s not the problem.

What about the master/slave question? Which one is which?

As mentioned in my previous response, the intesis unit is set to slave, but I am unsure how to set that on the RC unit. Per the intesis user manual, there is supposed to be a switch on the back of the PCB of the RC unit, but there is no switch on the back of this RC model. How is this RC (p/n BRC1E73) set?

Sorry I only saw the response with the model number.

I’m not sure why that’s in the Intesis manual, because it depends on the model of the RC. You would have to refer to the Daikin documentation or call Daikin. What happens when you switch the Intesis to master?

I would also try connecting external power to the Intesis. You can use a phone charger or something similar and connect to the USB port.

Hi @ConnorHEngineer,

Have you had a chance to try the Intesis as master or try external power?