Intesis getting a -1 err code from Daikin

I have an Intesis INWMPDAI001I000 to talk to a Daikin FTX12TVJUS. I was able to config the box and get in online without issue. But it will not talk to the Daikin unit. Using the IBOX-WMP-CONFIG software I get Errstatus - ERR and ERRCODE -1 reporting an ambient temp of -32768. I was told the dip switches on the unit are not set. All dip switches on the outside unit are set to off. Outside unit is a Daikin #MXS24RMVJUA.
Any help getting this set up and clearing the error status would be appreciated


Is there a wired remote?

No the inside unit uses a wireless remote. There are 2 inside units each zone has a Intesisi INWMPDAI001I000 and each has the same issue.

You are sure this is the correct model, not FTX12AXVJU?

Can you confirm that you are connecting according to these instructions:

If so, do you mind creating a case at so that we can escalate this issue?

The indoor unit is Daikin model FTXR12TVJUS. I have followed the Installation instructions to the letter. Had a Green light, connected to it and configured to the network. When I connect via the IBOX-WMP-CONFIG tool I get ERRCODE -1

The outdoor unit is a Daikin model 3MXS24RMVJUA

Hi @kirbdog,

I cannot find this model in our compatibility list so this may be a compatibility problem. I am going to have to ask you to create a case by going to, if you have not done so already, so that we can escalate the case to the Intesis engineers and check if anything can be done.