Intesis Google Assistant

I have a brand new five zone Fujitsu HVAC system with Intesis modules on each zone. I have been able to get everything working on the AC Cloud app and Google Assistant sees the zones and I have been able to add them to the appropriate rooms in my home but Assistant can’t seem to communicate with them. Is this supposed to work and, if so, what isn’t it working?

Yes, it’s supposed to work. Have you added the AC Cloud Control app for Google Assistant (link here)?

Yes, and my five zones all appear in the AC Cloud app which displays their status and seemss to be able to control them. However, Google Assistant keeps saying “Sorry I couldn’t reach AC Cloud Control”. It did work once and turned a zone off but I’ve tried a dozen times since them and I keep getting this error message.

have you tried reinstalling the app?

No, the AC Cloud app seems to be working - it just doesn’t communicate with Google Assistant. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but that didn’t fix the problem.

Here is the response that I have received from Intesis:

The integration with Google Assistant is through voice commands only -in fact, this type of integration is called command only-. As you may know, this type of integration with Google is basic and even when the end user can control its AC Cloud device from Google Assistant -again, using voice commands only -, the user cannot control the AC unit from Google Home app.

Google displays the control of the AC units in their Google Home app when this integration is not developed. I won’t go further into the reasons why we are not still integrated with Google Home but let’s say that the limits in our system makes this integration a hard task which won’t be resolved in the short time.

We already contacted Google to delete AC control in Google Home but unsuccessfully. What we will recover is the contact with Google to remove the AC control from Google Home as is something that makes the end users believe that is available when actually is not. This should limit the reviews of the people who thinks this feature is available when they see the AC Control there.

Thanks, we had pretty much figured out it was voice only. Our problem now is that it only works sporadically. We’re going to install a WiFi repeater to see if that’s the issue.

Also, is there a complete list of supported voice commands posted somewhere?

Here is the document Intesis provided me that describes the commands:

Google Assistant.pdf (158.7 KB)

They are still working to improved the integration with Google at the moment.