Intesis Mr. Slim AC automation interface dropping out of connectivity

Have been trying out a unit on a Mitsubishi Mr Slim model AC. It works nicely but every week the thing seems to lose its connection and has to be reset. I am trying to close this job up and this is the last piece to the puzzle. It would be a big win but as of now I am afraid to use this piece of equipment as it seems unreliable. Could resetting the power to the air conditioning unit fully cycle this device?

Hi @awhitecloud,

Do you have the order code and/or MAC ID from the device?

Is there a Mitsubishi wired remote / thermostat connected? If so, do you know the model? Does it connect to the same bus that the Intesis device does (like a CN105 bus)?

What is the model of the IDU (Indoor Unit)?

CC3F1D0269C8 MAC
The mitsubishi remote has been disconected to allow for the CN105 port to be used for coms
I have an archive of the ac model number somewhere just a moment.

AC model is PKA-A12HA4

Are you using the included cable to connect to CN105? Has it been shortened or lengthened at all?

When you say it loses it’s connection, is it the connection to the WiFi? If so, is it a home/small office WiFi router or an Enterprise WiFi system?

I am use the included cable non-modified. It is a wifi connection issue and it is using a google mesh system for wifi connectivity. the nearest hub is about 6 feet away with near line of sight. there are a lot of devices connected to the network but most everything is set static ip as most everything is integrated. good documentation of no conflicting ip addressed in the network. reservations for dhcp assignments not in the range of the static ip’s for no confllicts as well

Could you please create a case at so that I can escalate this to the Intesis engineers and find out if there are any known issues with the Google mesh system? You don’t have to repeat everything, just link to this post.

Do you have the model number of the Google Mesh system?

Does the Google system have any logs (like syslog)? If so, can you include whatever you can? Maybe this thread is helpful: Re: Accessing Raw Logs from Nest WiFi Router - Google Nest Community

Thank you.