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Hi Eric,

I have a controls contractor on site with an intesis board. He is saying that the value for the space temp in different that the actual space temp. I tried calling your TS hot line but no one answered. Any chance someone from TS can call me this morning so I can conference call the tech in to see if we can resolve this?

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Hi Rob,

What is the Intesis device that they’re using? Are you still available to work on this now or do you want to schedule a time for this?



Yes, they can do that. I’ll send your request over to them this morning on their tech services chat.

This is most likely a dipswitch setting on our unit. There is a switch position that tells our unit whether to report the temp from the indoor unit return sensor or the NAV controller.

Here’s the product page with the install manual:

Thanks Eric, awesome response time, we are working on fixing it now.


Hi Rob,

Are you all set with this device or is this still an issue?



I believe the rebooted the device to bring in the dipswitch changes and it was fixed.

Thanks for the update Eric, I’ll mark this solved for now then, but if he has more issues after he can still reply to this original ticket

All set, thank you guys. Yes flipped the dip switch and cycled power and we were good.


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Glad to hear it’s working Rob!