Invalid Firmware Version?


I’m connected to a Flexy via eCatcher and eBdudy can’t get a backup of the unit. It says:

It’s on FW 12.2s1



Please uninstall and then reinstall ebuddy then try getting the backup again.



No luck.

There are two users on the eWON unit that appear to have identical permissions. The one I was trying gives me the error above. When I tried the adm account with the password the customer gave me for it, ebuddy says “The password was not allowed”

Login and try yourself?


Hi Tom,
I am seeing the same issue using the Monin user. You do need to use the adm account for backups. You will notice in the logs you are getting “secu-User Rights are insufficient” error. Unfortunately the adm accounts password does not work. Can you check what the adm password is and try using that for a backup.



Admin password was wrong, customer gave me the right one now so we are good.

So does this mean that only the adm account can do backups, regardless of permissions on other users?

You can go ahead and close this up


Hi Tom,

Correct, the ADM user is the only only one that can take backup of the device.