IO Extender 8AIIS

we are using this module to monitor 8 current sensors (4-20mA output). the problem is we are not able to set the AI (1-8) to input type 2. Currently it reads the default 16bit binary data.

Hi we are having problem in setting of the input type for 8AIIIS module. Currently it on reads a 16bit value. we want to set it to input type 2 i.e 4-20mA. what we did was putting the DIP swtch no 8 to ON position. Please advise.


Sorry for the late response we have had many people on vacations over the last week. I have combined two of you posts as they appear to be the same questions.

I understand you are having issues reading a 4-20mA input on the device. Changing dip switch 8 changes the scale for the analog input from 0-20mA to 4-20mA. The range for the register is limited to only 12 bits.

So you will either have 0-20mA from 0-4095 or 4-20mA from 0-4095.



Perhaps I would better explain what we did resulting in 16bit data

From your instruction manual (see inputType2) it says we must set input type = 2 in order to get 4-20mA format

Then we asked your Singapore rep to give us the template (see edit parameter). At the same time we turned DIP switch no 8 to ON,

But the results are in16 bits format (see 16bit data). I guess the error is due to the 16bit with sign format in the dataype of the edit parameter template. Unfortunately there is NO option for 12 bit data in the template

editparameter.pdf (33.1 KB)

16bitdata.pdf (42.7 KB)

inputType2.pdf (81.1 KB)

Hello @Zakaria,

I might be missing the issue, are you not receiving values you expect? The register is still going to be a 16 bits but only the first 12 bits are used. A number above 4095 can not be written to the register, anything above is considered out of range of the analog input. Once this limit is reached the register will and either have -32767 or 32768 written, depending on the state of dip switch 9.


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