IO Tags - Flexy 205 and AB logix designer


tried to add tag in flexy205 for AB plc but doesn’t work, below is what I did:

  1. image
    PLC is running at IP address shown
  2. added topic A in IO server
  3. added few tags, but tags shown as invalid
    anything I missed?

Flexy 205 Setup

What does it say when the mouse hovers over the red circle?

What do the Event Logs say?

Try checking “Disable Tags in Error” and see what happens.


hi, Kyle,
I checked the “diable tags in error” and reboot eWON, but no difference.
if I move over the red circle, it says “UNKNOWN”.

the event logs say “Polling disabled for this tag”, but I checked my parameter setting in PLC code, it has external read/write ability.

anything else to check?


None of the tags you created are working, so something is off. Is that device address correct? Maybe just try the IP Address. You may have better luck calling in and doing a Teamviewer session.


ok will call, thanks


hi Kyle,
it is very hard to call in. would you mind to call me back.


Hi Charles,

It looks like it was not able to read the tags since they were not yet on the PLC. When your creating the new ones let us know if you get the error again.


hi, Zach,
I just created few more DINT tags, they are read ok. all works.
I just need to create new tags under controller directly for flexy tag pulling, rather than local tags.
thanks for the help, really appreciated.