IP Address is when no ethernet cable is plugged in

Hello Support,

I’m working on an Anybus NP40 with EtherNet/IP Firmware.
My application is up ad running but I noticed that if the ethernet cable is not pluggeg, the IP address received from the module is (Object 4, Instance 3, Attribute 5)

This is my startup procedure:

  1. Read the IP Address (previosly assigned by DHCP) during the UserInit
    The IP is for instance
  2. Also read MAC address, Subnet Mask and DHCP status.
  3. Complete UserInit.

After that, every 30 seconds I read the Network object to get the same parameters read during the UserInit.

If the ethernet cable is plugged, the IP address is a valid IP address otherwise if, the cable is unplugged I get an invalid IP address

The same behavior applies to the MAC address.

Is there a relation between the parameters sotred into the network object and the physical status of the ethernet port?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Federico,

Sorry for the delayed answer…
Can you please tell me which firmware version has the module?
Actually the module should keep its IP address after unplug the cable.
The MAC address must also be a valid value unless you configure it as zero from the application.
Can you see that the module sends an update of the attribute #16 (IP configuration), instance 1, Object F9h to the application?

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