IP Configuration for AB7318-B

I have an Anybus Communicator AB7318-B FW 1.04.
Current States:
Mode Status: Flashing Green
Network Status: Flashing Green
Link 1: Solid Green (I have a network cable plugged in)
CAN Subnet Status: Flashing Green
Device Status: Solid Green

I am trying to set an IP address into the module using HMS Ipconfig. I opened settings and selected the network adapter connected to the switch where my anybus module is plugged in. When I scan, it is not finding anything. The switch is dumb so it’s not blocking traffic. Are there any settings I need to change on my antivirus or firewall or is there something else I can try?

Hello @deltonm,

Have you downloaded a program to the device or is this new out of the box?

ipconfig might be getting blocked by the firewall and might need to be allowed though the firewall. It uses port 3250.


Hey Deryck,

It is a used part. It was removed from an old piece of equipment but the IP was not noted. I found an article on how to do a factory reset but version of the Anybus Configuration Manager does not have the noted menu (Tools > Options > Module > Factory Restore). I can only drill down to options, there is no “module” field. Maybe it’s hidden? Ahead of that though, since I can’t even see the module with Anybus Configuration Manager via usb or enet or HMS Ipconfig it seems like I have a bigger issue with my computer, or this thing is dead.

Hi @deltonm,

Can you try another PC to see if that can find it with IP config?

Another option would be to set it in the Network settings in ACM. You should be able to connect over USB and upload the configuration or just download an entire now config.


Hey Deryck,

I used a different computer and was able to download a new config with ACM via USB. Now I can see the device with ACM via ENET. Thanks for the help!


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