IP Conflicts between LAN/WAN


Hi Rodney,

So my suggestion, if we can’t use the NAT 1:1 and make it work (which is the recommended configuration) is to try these settings:

  • Make sure you have a laptop connected to the LAN port directly to configure. Make sure the WAN is connected to the company network.

You can set the LAN to anything that won’t conflict first, like network, if you want to tackle the WAN first.

For the WAN settings, you should get a static IP address on the 192.168.110 subnet and use these setttings:

IP 192.168.110.x gateway

For the LAN use: (you can use .64 - .78)

This should allow you to avoid the IP conflict and still get internet access. It’s not our recommended setup so I can’t guarantee it’s going to work or not have any unintended consequences, but let me know how it goes.



I borrowed a laptop and installed ebuddy and got permission to take it to the switch but I was not able to connect to any port on it. I came back to my desktop and can’t connect with it either. I will try to work on it later.



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You can use the Actual IP address of the HMI remotely if you are connected to Talk2M. Have you tried that?