IP LAN & WAN configuration for cosy+

I have difficulties to configure IP LAN & WAN on the eWON COSY+ ethernet when i add a new eWON on eCatcher, for the WAN i don’t know how to configure it, and for the LAN, it’s the machine IP where my eWON will be, right? i join 2 screenshots

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Have you tried configuring the device with eBuddy? This will allow you to log in to the unit, and use the Wizards to configure the unit.



I would use the embedded wizard process to configure the unit.

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ok i tried to configure with ebuddy and it doesn’t look bad, but i don’t detect the devices of the machine like the HMI or PLC.
I guess it’s the LAN IP adress that i filled which is not good, do you know if this should be the same IP adress than the machine’s one or not?
Thanks for your answer


The the LAN IP of the device should be on the same range as the PLC and HMI. Once the LAN IP is updated to the correct range, you should be able to connect locally on the LAN side and ping the PLC/HMI.

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ok thank you, i will look at that !
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I installed my ewon cosy (eth) on the machine, and i can reach the PLC when i am linked directly (by ethernet cable) on the ewon but i don’t reach it from a far. It seems i can’t reach the cosy with its WAN IP
I don’t know how to resolve this
I use sysmac studio software to do this because my PLC is an Omron one
If you have any idea or proposal, i’m all ears

Thank you