Is it possible to re-number the tags in eWON Flexy?

After doing a bunch of trial and errors when creating tags in my Flexy, using CSV-file FTP up/download, my tags are not numbered from 1 any more…
Are there a way to re-number them so they start att 1 again?


You can edit the tag IDs in the eWON by changing the txt or CSV file associated with your tags (var_lst.csv or var_lst.txt). You can edit this file and re-upload it to the eWON via FTP.

Another option (one that I use more often) is to use the eWON TAG generator which allows you to import tags from the eWON and export tags to the eWON. This is a xlsm file (has macros) so it does get flagged by a lot of anti-virus / firewalls as a virus which can make it difficult to use for some people.

File is located here:


You will need to erase your config files (erases tag data) before re-uploading the tags with the new IDs to your eWON otherwise the eWON will use the same tags ids as before.

Do not erase the config file if you do not have the tag data saved via a var_lst.csv file or in the tag generator.

To erase the config file, navigate to System setup / storage / Erase & format
Select Erase Config, and then enter in your password below and click update.

Thank you!

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