Is there anyway to force an eWON to use TCP?

UDP appears to be blocked at our customers. How can I go about forcing TCP instead?

Do I have to hand edit via the maintenance menu? Is there a wizard?


You can easily force TCP on a vpn connection when completing the Talk2M wizard. Below I am showing both the wizard way and how to do it via the eWON config pages.

Please let me know if this helps.

Talk2M Wizard Option (Common)

This option will work on COSY, Flexy & CD series models. When you navigate to the Talk2M wizard you simply need to do the following.

  1. Register the hardware with your chosen registration method (eWON Name, Activation Key, Validation) and select the next button.


  1. On the very next page you will see a section labeled Advanced parameters. Select the box in this section next to View.

  2. After checking the view box option you will see a checkbox labeled Force To TCP. Select this checkbox and hit Next.

That is it! By selecting this and redoing the test, if everything is successful the eWON will force over to TCP.

COSY Manual Update

If you do not wish to use the wizard option you do have the ability to update this via the wizard or do not have the ability, we do have the option for updating via a “line menu”.

  1. Load the webpage of your COSY.

  2. Select the Setup section from the left toolbar.

  3. Select the System option.

  4. Select the Storage option.

  5. Select the link labeled Edit COM cfg.

  1. Now once this loads you will see a list of various parameters. In the top right you will see a small search bar. There are two specific parameters we need to update.

    • VPNPortOut
    • VPNProto

    Search for each of these options. The values to set them to can be found below.

Parameter TCP UDP
VPNPortOut 443 1194
VPNProto 1 0
  1. Simply search for each parameter and update to the corresponding value.

  2. Save & Reboot.

Flexy & CD Series Manual Update

The process for updating a Flexy and CD series unit is identical however unlike a COSY unit we can actually update these values via a GUI menu.

  1. Load the webpage of the CD series or Flexy unit.

  2. Select the conf button from the top right of the page.

  3. Select the systemsetup button from the top row (second from the left).

  4. Select the comm button from the bar in the middle of the page.

  5. Next we must drop into a tree menu. First select the dropdown by Networking (it may also be labeled Network Config). Then select the dropdown by VPN Connection and finally select Global.


  1. On this page we only need to update 2 parameters, Port Out & VPN Protocol.

    Simply update Port Out out to be 443 and VPN Protocol to TCP.


  1. Select the update button from the bottom of the page.

  2. Reboot your hardware.

Hopefully this addresses all questions on the various methods to force TCP.