Issues with going for a Pro account

I have a number of plants connected, each has its own one account name and multiple user names. Currently, I don’t have any problem with the limitation of data traffic or number of concurrent connections. But once I update to Pro, and put all these 50 under one account, Almost certainly, I am then facing these limitation problems. The more ewons i have, the bigger issue it has.

Also if I intend to go to Pro, I will have to re-run talk2m authorization wizard for each eWon?

Is there any method I can get notified if eWon is offline because of a site internet issue (does it have to be through Pro account)?


All devices can be imported from free+ accounts without needing to re register them to the new Pro account as long as you have administrator rights to the account it is on.

For the notification of a device offline this is something that can be done with a pro account. Which can be setup in the pools properties.