Ixxat can nt 420


Hi Luke,

Let me know how this turns out and if there’s anything we can do to help.



  • Appears to be problem with CAN bus, LED indicates Bus Off and measuring 600 ohms



We verified that the input bus (Bus3) is at 60 ohms with everything powered down. I did not have it powered off when I was taking that measurement while on the phone with you.

We now have that plugged into Input 3 on the bridge. While I have my CAN-USB device hooked up to view the bus the light is LED is green on the bridge. When I don’t have my USB-CAN device hooked up it is RED.



OK thank you. I will take a look at the file and let you know what I find!



I have also attached the Setup file I am using the NT420 incase it is usefull to you.


Grizzly DB CAN Bridge V2.cxml (15.2 KB)



Here is a CAN log with both the input to the Bridge, and the ouput in one trace. The Input (CAN3) is bus 1 in this trace and the output (CAN4) is bus 0 in this trace. By this it appears that it is working ok now. I’m not sure why we still have a red LED on CAN3, but it seems to work regardless.

I don’t see any error frames with my CAN tool (Kvasar USBcan) on that bus…


WEatherstation CAN Log.txt (239 KB)


Can you verify the color and whether or not it is steady or flashing?




I think I finally got it all working. I believe that the issue that I was running into was that the controller that I was brining in on CAN3 (A weather station) doesn’t work unless it sees something else on the bus. It would work fine when I have my Kvasar hooked up. Had issues with it unhooked.

I think I am good now. Thank you for the help.



OK great! Let me know if you have any other problems.