IXXAT CANFD-IB600/PCIe Issue (Issue ID: 1915-32135)


We have a system at a customer facility running Linux with the IB600/PCIe and the ecikm driver. We are connected to a PCM using 2Mbit data rate and 500kbit arbitration.

We connected an scope to the lines and see the messages being sent.

We are seeing messages received but only in ID 0. However, no messages are being sent to that ID.

Do you know what could be going on?


Is this still an issue?


Second question, we are connecting to a Bosch PCM that uses ts1 = 6, ts2 = 3, sjw=1. Should the ECI_BTMODE structure match this values? Or should we use the default ECI_CAN_FDR_BTP_2000KB define?

The define:
#define ECI_CAN_FDR_BTP_2000KB {0, 2000000, 15, 4, 4, 32} ///< 2000 KB, SP 80,0% @ingroup CanTypes

DWORD dwMode; ///< Timing mode @see e_CANBTMODE constants
DWORD dwBPS; ///< Bits per second or prescaler @see e_CANBTMODE.
///< In native mode this parameter contains the controller specific
///< value for the baud rate pre-scaler.
WORD wTS1; ///< Duration of time segment 1 in quantas
WORD wTS2; ///< Duration of time segment 2 in quantas
WORD wSJW; ///< Re-synchronisation jump width in quantas
WORD wTDO; ///< Transceiver delay compensation offset in quantas
///< (0 = disabled). Used to specify the sample point
///< during bit monitoring in fast data bit rate.

Linux ECI with CAN-IB600/PCIe
CAN-FD with 500/2000 Datarate.
The customer receives data with identifier 0.
Is it sure that this are data frames “ECI_CAN_MSGTYPE_DATA” and not “Info” or “Status” frames?

Hi Kyle,

No, it is not. I sent an email a while back asking for the case to be closed.

Thanks for your help!


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