IXXAT module

I’ve purchased a USB to CAN V2 compact 1.01.0281.11001. I purchased it to use as a replacement for my BRP (Bombardier) Recreational product diagnostic Scan tool as our OEM device is just this with a sticker on it.

It should appear in the program that has the diagnostic Interface for it, but it does not. On this application it’s referred to as an “MPI-3”(multi port interface) I’m wondering if maybe the OEM tool would have a special firmware. Hoping you can shine some light on this. I’m not able to return the tool and simply but the OEM tool so I’m hoping I can correct this one. I bought it as the OEM is not available/in stock.

In the application this module will have a 9 digit code that will read 100xxxxxx. This code is used to generate a key that is put into the program to restrict access to certain level of diagnostics. I’ll upload a screen shot below.

So just wondering what I need to do to get this module to function as needed. I do have the proper drivers and VCI as the other tool worked just fine. The OEM (original) tool got caught in moving parts during a diagnostic procedure and was crushed, I was working on an atv at the time. Thanks

It is my understanding that BRP scan tool requires a specific version of the USB to CAN V2 with the BRP branding on it. You will need to check with BRP to see if your Ixxat USB to CAN V2 will work.


Ok. Thank you for your quick response.