J1939 to Profinet communication gateway suggestion

We are looking to upgrade an Siemens S7-300 to a newer S7-155 or 1200 series
Will need to migrate is their J1939 comms which are currently being run through a Helmholtz CAN Pro module that was chassis based and won’t work with the newer PLC options.

What can be done to integrate the existing J1939 read/write data into the new system using Ewon hardware

Currently the Helmholtz unit simply runs with a single array packed with the address and message details for read and write requests and cycles through the various requests using the same 16 byte memory location of the Helmholtz module where the first couple bytes indicate the control word, device address, and PDU info for the data to be captured in an array of 8 bytes then a status byte to verify the read/write command did what it was supposed to. Does the Anybus gateway work the same way for Profinet - J1939 comms or does the gateway have to be configured to map each of the read and write locations into specific registers that are then exchanged with the PLC?

If that description didn’t make sense let me know and I’ll see if I can provide an example to better identify the messaging structure but ultimately I’m hoping that I can do the exchange of info between the 4 devices on their J1939 network using a similar fixed 16 byte memory location with the messaging packets assembled in the PLC logic so that I don’t have to change the programming structure and re-address everything.

Hi @Barend-Indsol,

If I understand correctly, the Helmholz unit was communicating with 4 J1939 devices, acting as the gateway to the Siemens PLC?

To answer your question:

We have a J1939 slave to Profibus slave, AB7615, which I think would be the most similar device to what you have now (mapping the array to Siemens side), or you could use the CAN Communicator with PROFINET, AB7317, but that would require building the J1939 frames manually in the configuration.

This attached documents explain the J1939 mapping and device setup for the AB7615 in more detail:
SCM-1200-033 J1939 Data Mapping Explained 1_00.pdf (630.7 KB)
SCM-1200-024 Interfacing to J1939 with PROFIBUS DP 1_01.pdf (202.9 KB)

Take a look at the links and docs and let me know if you have any questions.