Java 11 support?

With Java 8 getting outdated, will the VCI drivers be updated to support Java 11 at some point?


Hi @hamster,

I will check with development to see if I can get a better idea of the time table for Java 11 and the VCI Java API.


Thanks, I appreciate it

So I’ve been told that the latest Java Add-on, 1.0.54, should run with all Java versions including the current OpenJDK versions. Is this the version you are running? Have you noticed any potential bugs?

Download VCI V3 Java API_1_0_54_0.exe

I was running a slightly older version. Sorry, I did not realize there was an update. Seems to be working just fine with OpenJDK 11.

Thank you much!

No problem! Please do let me know if you experience any issues.