Javascript and system tags

With an object on Viewon, when I click on it, I would like to get the IDENTIFICATION tags of the ewon flexy 205 and replace IDENTIFICATION by the value of INDENTIFICATION tag into the following URL “” and then lunch the new URL.

How is that possible ?

Hi @hyacinthe

I just want to make sure I’m understanding what you’re asking. Do you want to create a button that will grab your historical csv logs for a certain tag?

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try to precise my needs :
I have several ewon and each ewon has a specific identification (each ewon has a dedicated name). But I want to have a generic programm.
So it’s why I need a generic URL and the programm adjusts it depending on the name of the ewon.
And yes, I woul like to take out a specific file from the ewon and save it on my computer by pressing a button on Viewon interface.
For this csv file, it’s a file that I already created and yes, it contains historical data of several tags.

Hello I think that this is something that you may not need to do through Java Script. I think that this is something you could do using the EBD Helper:

I believe you can just add a button into the Viewon page that will download the user file that you’re looking for

So for example you can create any button and use this kind of url to get the file


Just change the EBD used to get the one you want
You can also use that to display the EBD inside the page but this is a little bit more complex
You will need to use some jave and use the same URL as source for the java to display it inside the page

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