Just updated drivers now device unknown

I have a usb-can v2 1.01.0283.2202 v1.1 HW 501860, I uninstalled all drivers and then installed the vci4 most recent and then the vci2 on 4 add on. But when I can not get the device to work

Can you provide more details about what you mean by “can not get the device to work”?

Does it show up in the Windows Device Manager?

When I plug in the USB in to my lap top windows7 tries to Install Device Driver software and says was not successfully installed. Unidentified Device X Failed. When I check Device Manager IXXI VCI V4 says Unknown device also the cananalyser3 mini says no ICCAT controllers.

Try deleting the device in Device Manager (with the USB-to-CAN connected) and it will automatically reinstall.

Also, can you please share a screenshot?

Have you have tried right-clicking on ‘Unknown Device’ and selecting ‘Uninstall Device’?

With device plugged into USB; In device manager I selected uninstall the next window had a check box to remove driver I chose not to select it and after nothing happened. Unplugged USB and reinserted and the device now show ups as USB-to-CAN V2 but the Driver Software Installation Window still says “X failed”. In the device manager when checking driver update it says software is up to date.

You may need to update the firmware on the USB-to-CAN V2. Click here for instructions. The latest is 1.7.

You can download the firmware from the Product Page.

My Flashloader was in a different folder, Ixxat VCI folder, when I open it says Get Vci4 hardware information… no hardware found

And you still have the USB-to-CAN V2 connected and it’s showing up in Device Manager?

Please do the following:

  1. Disconnect the device
  2. Uninstall both VCI drivers
  3. Reboot
  4. Reinstall VCI V4 only
  5. Reboot
  6. Reconnect the device
  7. Update the firmware to 1.7

I still have the same issue the Vci4 flashloader still says no hardware. When I check the properties of the deivce in the device manager the driver version says driver date 11/6/2019, driver version like it’s not updating.

You followed all of the steps above, including rebooting both times?

You may have to call in so that we can look at it using Teamviewer.