Keyence ls-7601 - hms-en2se-r - compactlogix


i have just started playing with the equipment and i have established the connection between the hms and the compactlogix via the studio5000. now i am working on the connection between the hms and the keyence ls-7601 controller. can anyone tell me how to setup the connection between these components?

regards Esben


You can configure this all through Studio 5000. Here is an example:


Hello kyle
Do you have an example with something like the keyence controller? I do not know how to do it…



No, the examples are for generic serial devices. I’m not familiar with the keyence controller. Do you have a link to a user manual you could share with us?



I looked at the user manual and it is specifically chapter 8 that will be relevant here. You’ll have to decide what commands or information you need from the device and configure your queries/responses in the Anybus Configuration Manager. I think you will be using Master Mode, but if you are expecting unsolicited data from the micrometer, you will need to use Generic. You will have to follow this user manual which shows you how to create the transactions/commands. You will want to look specifically at Chapters 11, 12, and 13.


Here is a sample config I used for the LS-7601. Probably should have used master mode but this works for me.


Hello @montr0n
I am not familiar with the anybus yet but the files you send me, are settings made in the anybus? Maybe you can tale sine screenshots and send to me? What about the settings in the ls-7601, how dit you set that Up? Are you using af standard rs232 cable connection?
Sorry for All The questions.


@Esben_Jensen, I used the “Normal” Mode for RS-232 on the LS-7601, which specifies Bitrate 9600, 8 bits, Parity Even, and 1 Stop Bit, and each command ending with hex character 13 (H0D). Here are some screenshots of my setup, although Master Mode on Communicator settings may work better for you.

Since you are using the HMS-EN2SE-R these settings may not apply to you, most especially Fieldbus Type.
Communicator settings, again Master Mode may work better here for you; I have only tried generic data mode.
Here are the RS-232 settings, make sure these match the LS-7601

And here are some examples of commands being sent to the LS-7601. These and others are all in chapter 8 of the manual for the LS-7601.

Hopefully these help, let me know if you have any other questions.


Hello and thanks for your help. just got back from a few days away from job.
the commands are they just “Add Data” or wich one did you use?



This is where reading the manual for the Anybus will help. “Add Data” will only be used if you are sending or receiving variable data. Otherwise, I use “Add Byte, Constant”.

Receiving character P to the LS-7601 as the start of the Panel Lock Status command
Receiving the status of the Panel Lock command (0,1 or 2)

Hope this helps