KPI in M2Web Half working

Hi, I have set up KPI to be displayed on M2Web which I am in turn setting up a bunch of users that need to monitor those KPI’s.

I have 5 eWON flexy 201s that I have currently configured with KPI’s that show in the KPI area when logged into the eWON webserver. However only 2 have their KPI’s displayed on the M2Web dashboard.

Is there a specific configuration that needs to be set to allow this to work?


Can you send me a back up of a unit experiencing this issue?

I will run some test on my end to determine a point of failure.

Would have loved to send you these directly but the system is not letting me send you a message.
3 backups attached. CS005 is working as expected with CS007-8 not working.

What are the firmware of these units?

14.0S02 for all of our eWONs

Has there been any development? I have not been able to fix this issue on my own so far.

Hello ,

I have reviewed the backups and treid some tests on my end. I may need to schedule a teamviewer session with you to diagnose this issue.

I am available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm EST.

You can email me the Teamviewer details at

Worked with Customer today regarding KPI’s.

We found that some KPI’s appear occasionally and then disappear. We checked the settings and everything was set up as it should.

I did notice the following:
Some sites affected had latency issues
Also firmware was not up to date.

The customer will update the firmware and respond on the status of the process.

Also too add. One of the eWONs that KPI’s do show on M2Web is intermittent and sometimes does not show any KPI’s.

Updated Firmware from 14.0s02 to 14.1s0 for the effected eWONs and no change with the M2Web KPI not showing up issue.
I used the datamailbox viewer to confirm that data is being transfer to talk2web services. I can see up to date data using the datamailbox viewer tool.


I have been offsite for a while but this issues still persist. Has there been any progress on investigating this issue? Can I offer any more details to help get this resolved?
I have seen no change in behavior on M2Web KPI’s

Hi Kevin,

This issues still persists. My ewons are all on latests stable firmware. Do you have any more info on how to fix?

Hello Barry,

I will check the status of the issue, and escalate again.