KPI M2Web Display Reliability


I am using M2Web KPI display from Flexy 205.

I saw ome other topics related to this issue, but couldn’t find any solution.

KPI are sometimes displayed in M2Web, and sometimes disappear for a few hours or day. Generally, KPI would be displayed again if the Flexy is reboot.

I am using firmware 14.5 s0 or s1. And there are only a few tags created in the ewon (4 tags maximum at the moment)

I also opened a support incident, but I was only told to make a firmware upgrade to 14.6
Given that 14.5 is not so old and that this issue seems quite old, I don’t believe a new firmware upgrade is the solution.

Do you have any idea to make KPI display reliable?

Thanks a lot.


During this weekend, it seems that all KPI are not displayed anymore. They disappeared some time between Friday evening and Saturday morning.
None of the ewon Flexy displays KPI on M2 Web or mobile app at the moment. There was no special activity on the ewon.