KPI's values do not show on M2web

Hi Tim ,

I´m following this tutorial to connect esync with Excel

Now, esync is working correctly


But i can´t get the connection esync-excel; could you give me some tips?

I´m using my PC as server, do i need to connect the flexy 205 and my server in the same network?

Now, i´m connecting the flexy 205 through wifi, and my PC (server) is connected in another network

Best regards.

This is the tutorial:

Hi Gustavo,

I’d recommend upgrading to the new firmware to start with, but with the guide I sent earlier you shouldn’t need to use esync. The Ewon will store its data data in a binary file, but if you follow the guide above, you should just be able to use the EBD with something like this $dtHT$ftT$fnYour_Data.csv


That will output the data as a .csv file that can be opened in excel

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