LAN Gateway

We are unable to access the Flexy 205 over the LAN network from the server (you can access the Ewon when you plug into it with laptop), but everything else that’s connected on the LAN ports on the Flexy we can see and access. (different devices).

Did a test by connecting a laptop to the flexy lan, but did not enter a gateway. The server could not see the laptop, then we added the server IP as the gateway and we could see the laptop. this proved that we might need a gateway in the Ewon for the server to be able to see it.

when you are connected over the VPN, you can ping the devices that’s connected on the LAN network.

Hello @Waldo ,

I am having a hard time determining you question here? It seems like you might have an issue with the routing to the ewon but i am not sure i understand the full network layout or what device is trying to reach what device. Are you remoting in with eCatcher and trying to reach the Server?


Hi Deryck,

let us take any remote access out of the equation.

so there is a local server on site on the same lan network as the Flexy. The client is trying to access the flexy from this server. (or ping it) unfortunately any device that does not have a specific gateway address cannot be seen by the server on the lan network.

The LAN ports on the flexy work as a unmanaged switch so any device connected should be able to reach each other. Based on you drawing i wonder if the are two networks involved.

what are the IP addresses and masks for the devices.

It is only one network. you can see the units that you plug in on the Flexy, but the Flexy itself you cannot see. an example: if you plug your laptop in the flexy without adding the server IP as the gateway, then you cannot see the laptop from the server. But if you add the server IP as the gateway on the laptop then you can see the laptop from the server.

IP range : 10.184.196.X

Server IP :
Mask :

Flexy IP :
Mask :

the only common denominator is the gateway setting not changeable on the flexy itself. The problem is not the devices plugged in on the Flexy, it is the flexy self in the sense that the Flexy cannot be accessed unless it is pointed to the server from where all the engineering is done.

I am having a tough time understanding what you are trying to do here.
I am wondering if the swtich and firewall between the ewon and the server are doing some natting or other routing. Can you elaborate further on the purpose of those?

Two other questions

  1. What is the IP of one of the LAN devices connected to the Flexy?
  2. What device is creating the connection? is the LAN device