LC310Bad page Overwiev

I have LC310, version 2.02.05 and have problem with page Overwiev, as you see in picture. I try to upgrade firmware but I can`t, “Bad signiture” is message. Do you have some explanation for this situation?


Make sure you are tryign to use the LC300 series firmware and not the EC300 series firmware. It can be found here.

Also a cause for a Bad signature message is the system clock on the netbiter not being the correct time and date.

I do as you said, incorrect time was reason for problem with update firmware. Problem still persist, as you see

I have other LC310, with older firmware 2.01.03 and do not have problem with bed signiture, as you see.

I open page on Microsoft Edge and Chrome.

Can you send me firmware 2.01.03 for LC310 to try?

Any information ?


I could you clarify what issue you are having since your firmware was updated? Is the issue related to reading modbus data? Also the team running the forum is the America’s team. Reaching out to your local distributor may have a fast response given the time difference here.

No, I had problem with brand new device, v. 2.02.04 (or 05). After upgrade to 2.02.07 problem persist.
And yes, I read modbus data from Genset Elcos MC4. Quick response is not primary, I contact a local distributor, but I think, it is necessary to share the problem with tech support and other user in order to improve the device.
So is there any possibility to download older firmware from manufacturer, for example v2.01.03.