LED 5 blinking red on Anybus Communicator

How do I get rid of the flashing red light on LED 5. It never goes away. It is there forever.
I can do a reboot by pulling the power, but the command does not work.
I cannot reset. Looks like my communications is not working, but I can send commands and they SEEM to work and I seem to be getting the right reply’s back. There does seem to be a problem where if I change a part of the outgoing message it goes out exactly like it was BEFORE the change. The only way to get the change to take effect is to reboot which has to be done by pulling the power cable.

There is an error on the subnet. It could be a bad command or a timeout. You would have to fix the bad command, maybe increase the timeout, but it depends what the problem is. Have you tried making a log and checking for issues?

Just saw were there was an issue with Anybus through a Statix switch (which I am using). I am able to ping it and like I mentioned I can toggle the Tx Trigger. I do not see the Rx Trigger.

I have the timeout set to 0 which according to the description on the screen means “no time out is used”.
The error is “Error Active” which from what I understand means there is no error.
I can send a trigger bit to the Zeus, but I do not get it back. I can see the message in the CAN Line Listener, but it is not passing it onto the PLC. I have RTR Disabled since I want to get the information into the PLC so I can determine what to send. Will the 7318 send a message with RTR off from the Anybus to the PLC?

I don’t think this is a problem in your case.


The Anybus does not “send messages” to the PLC on the Ethernet/IP network. It is a Ethernet/IP Adapter (slave) so the PLC initiates communication to read and write to the Anybus’ memory space.

This sounds like an issue with the Zeus. I would recommend contacting them with this question.

Just posting a final note about what was found to be the problem. The RTR bit in the Anybus does not correspond to the way that the Zeus wants to see it. The RTR bit was just added with the latest firmware update in Anybus and seems to have some bugs in it according to the Anybus developer in Switzerland. Basically it boils down to the AB7318 will not work with the Zeus. Unless a later version of the firmware (we are at 1.13) fixes this issue then this will not be compatible.

I think it’s also important to note that the Zeus node sends an empty (remote) frame with the length set to 8 bytes, which is the cause of the subnet error and hence the blinking red LED 5.